To celebrate the launch of Colorplan in Southeast Asia, K+ and RJ Paper present 6 creatives, including Paper In My Attic, selected with the help of curator Yanda (Do Not Design). Playing with colour, texture and form, they have produced art installations that push the boundaries of what paper can do. The exhibition was also featured next to a range of 50 notebooks produced exclusively and designed by 50 local and international designers.
PIMA was lucky to be chosen by RJ Paper x K+ x Do Not Design to help launch their new paper series, Colorplan. Given the opportunity and a large paper colour palette. I decided to play around with origami pleating and try and push the boundaries of shapes and forms produced with my own hands. It was an expression of paper’s limitless possibilities, in the form of an experiment with different folding techniques, forming tessellations, to create geometric pottery.
Colorplan is an iconic range of premium coloured papers and boards. Inspired by the introduction of colour tv and culture in the 70’s, G.F Smith took it on themselves to produce a paper range that offers a broad range of colours in almost every weight, size and finishes.
50 vibrant colours, 25 embossings, and 8 weights. It became one of the pioneering paper ranges that were simply unheard of. Becoming one of the most coveted ranges used by creative designers and forward-thinking printers, and even creatives. Colorplan changed the landscape of printed communications with its vision of inspiring the next generation of creative pioneers.

The K+ Colorplan exhibition ran from 7 October to 20 November 2016.


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